World War 2 Stories


FDR speech of December 8th 1941


Prelude to Pearl Harbor  your_number_is_up   pacific blitz

first_24_hours  cook_fights_back ship_that_weeps_for_her_dead

the battling bastards of bataan    Corregidor squadron_of_furies     marianas_turkeyshoot     inside_hitler's head

sharks in american waters  head facing the fox  friendly fire's deadliest day  patton's_ghost_army riviera d-day

audy_murphy_hero  nazi_spies battle_bulge  Christmas under the gun  raid_in_ruins   the plot to kill hitler

haunted  yank-in-stalins-army  rescuer_in_yugoslavia  a would-be nazi james bond  trap with a gap

  lucky_louie   frank_buckles   stalag 17b   the oss  nazi trials  stage_door_canteen   glen_miller

what happened to john bulkeley  for victory not vengeance  heilbronn  saved by shrapnel

ve_ww2  a-bomb time line civil air patrol A-bomb views  heading home  ww2 spam

the_end_of ww2  remember pearl harbor  the faithful four Pigeons at war

bob hope trap gap a little entertainment disney goes to war the fence

chocolate-secret weapon war brides  der fuerhrer's face play ball

Rosie the Riveter phillipine's pow rescue  hitler in america

 greyhound        victory mania       impossible_raid 

ww2 mother  The Last Torpedo   4 Freedoms

Squadron of furies  Hollywood POW Dog

Niight Witches

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