My Family

Three wives, six children, one special addition,

and a number of pets...





       TINA, my adorable wife                     JENNIFER                           COURTNEY     


Courtney, Tina, & Jennifer (Disney World)


    Pam, Terry, Stacey (front)  Chip & Jeff (back)


     VERA, the love of my life (deceased)           STACEY and MOM                       TERRY


WANDA, my first wife  (deceased)                    PAM                  WANDA'S PARENTS (deceased)



My Dutch daughter LIANA     Liane's family (and us)              

(our exchange student for eleven months)                                                                  


Me at  4                  10 ?                            32                              61                           72        

Age 18 - 19



          Pam & Chip                                  Stacey & Jeff     


           Vera's Parents  (deceased)             My Parents  (deceased)            Tina's Parents           



NANCY, my first love  (deceased)

                photo to be added            

     Cecelia (my first child)            Chris (grandson)              Jasmine   (great granddaughter)         

My one and only Sibling - My sister Virginia (temp photo)



And the PETS

Callie, Me, and Riley


  HOLLY (deceased)                                            NIKKI  and CHELSEA  (deceased)           


     PUMPKIN  (deceased)                        MUFFIN (deceased) 

Salem (deceased) 


Conner                                    Callie                                      Riley

Jeorge   aka   George

(our latest addition ~ rescued )



Spencer, Holly, & Jesse (all deceased)



                                    Spencer  (deceased)                                                 Jesse  (deceased)             

"The BOYS" (Stacey's)


"The BIRDS" (Stacey's)



Misty (deceased)             Vera's favorite Pets                  Maggie  (deceased)           

Four generations