LBJ killed JFK

by Dan Eden

Not personally, and he wasn't the only one wanting JFK to be gone

Read not to contradict and confute,

nor to believe and take for granted…

but to weigh and consider.

~ Francis Bacon

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This is somewhat of a summary of what the evidence found to date indicates as to the basic responsibility for the killing of President John F Kennedy.  It was no one person, but a conspiracy.

I did not write what you are about to read, but I have spent many years researching the subject and basically agree.  LBJ had much to lose if JFK remained alive.  He had much to gain if JFK were to die. If nothing else, there were many people who could have prevented the killing.

Not covered here, if RFK were to have become president, the same situation would have presented itself.  RFK too was assassinated.  Hmmm.  We know it wasn't Oswald.

Although many of those involved and having knowledge, and those who had control, have died, some are still alive and pulling strings.  More importantly, there is no reason to believe that it can not happen again.

Those in power at the time, stopped at nothing to have things their way and to get rid of those deemed as a hindrance or danger to what they wanted.


Note: The name Carlos Mossello appears in this story as the Mafia head of New Orleans.  His name should be listed as Carlos Marcello

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