I have to admit,  this photo is a few years old.  Considerably more gray, a few more character lines (wrinkles), a little thinner on top.  I have done well as far as photos go.  Usually, its the other way around. I am using this photo as it represents how most will remember me.

I was born and raised in Chicago, other than a few depression years when we were moving about from one place to another in the metropolitan area. I lived on the west side, an area with a reputation.  I have always been somewhat ambitious and have worked one way or another since early in my life, or at least worked up a method to make some money.

I have worked at many things but ended up in the engineering field.  Although a mechanical engineer, I early on took classes for electrical and electronics.  I also studied pneumatics and hydraulics in depth.  Additionally, I also took classes to learn about surface mount technology. For a good amount of my working years I designed and oversaw the assembly of various types of machinery.  Later on adding plant layouts and opening and closing manufacturing plants in several states and in Mexico. In later years I became involved with computer systems and wore several hats.  Traveled extensively in North America, and parts of Europe and Asia, both on business and for pleasure.

Prior to retiring, my wife Vera and I had a 39 foot trailer seasonally located not too far from where I live today.  We spent most of our weekends enjoying the outdoors and the company of other "campers".  One day, on the way out from our Chicago suburban home to our trailer (a 79 mile drive), we stopped off to visit a couple living in the community where we moved upon retirement.  Just stopped to visit and committed to purchase our home the same day.

We retired there, purchased a motor home and did some traveling; five weeks in Europe (not with the motorhome), trips to Florida & Alabama plus some short closer ones, sometimes we brought along our ski boat (we had a heavy duty hitch installed).  Unfortunately, my wife encountered problems with her back and just as she was getting over that, she was diagnosed with terminal cancer.  We had a wonderful life together and her loss was devastating. I miss her very much.  She was so loving and caring, and we were simply made for each other.

I was extremely fortunate to have met Tina who has been a life saver, another wonderful loving and caring woman.  In the process, I obtained two more children (living at home until recently - 2009).  I keep busy gardening, boating (we were using a pontoon boat but recently sold it), photography, computing (I create and maintain websites), collecting, and researching the local area history.

Our old front yard garden.


My old backyard flower garden & small four tier pond.  The bird house is actually a sprinkler.

The water pump is part of a water recirculation system.  There are small fish and a few resident frogs (every year) and countless tadpoles. 



The view from our old back yard deck.  (The moon at sunset)

My autobiography - access by permission, luck, or being clever



* World War 2 stories