Games we played

Most of the games played by the children in our neighborhood required little, if any, money.  Normal required "equipment" would be a piece of chalk, a worn baseball, a bat or two, some marbles, a few pennies (usually obtained by finding bottles with deposit value), or a deck of cards or board game owned by one of the neighborhood families. Most simply required players. All neighborhood or street games allowed anyone capable of participating to do so, regardless of age or sex.

As definitions are assembled, a link (click game name) will be provided for a description of how the game was played.


Street games

        Kick the can (lot #1)

        Three feet off the mud pile

        Simon says


Sidewalk games

        Hop Scotch

        Lagging pennies

        Spinning Tops

        Paddle balls



Empty lot games

        Baseball  (lot #2)

        Tag football  (lot #2)

        Marbles ("jail" area)


Neighborhood games


        Hide and seek

        Cops and robbers


Park games

        Baseball (Altgeld)

        Football (Douglas)

        Basketball (Altgeld & JPI)


Inside games

        Cards (typical games)



        Chinese checkers